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Investment Warrior Radio Broadcast

Bill Lussenheide previously has had a weekly featured program on the following major radio stations. In Los Angeles: KRLA 870 , KLAA 830, KBRT 740, KKLA 99.5 FM and in San Francisco on KNEW 910.

1.   Historic rates of return for various asset classes.
2.  Is there a better way to invest than just "buying and holding"?
3.  Is more investment choice better?
4.  How much money will you need in retirement?
5.  What should be your asset class mix?

1.   The 3 choices for managing all investments.
2.  Avoiding media hype.
3.  Safety, Liquidity, Yield & Catastrophe proofing.
4.  Using a moving average trend following system for a defensive investment strategy



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