Battle Of The Ages - Good Vs. Evil Mutual Funds!

A couple of months ago, I featured the introduction of the "Vice Mutual Fund" (symbol VICEX)  which contrary to "social awareness funds" invests solely in stocks that engage in alcohol, gambling, defense (war)  and tobacco. The fund managers believe that these areas of investing will outperform others in coming years. Top holdings include Anheuser-Busch, Phillip Morris, Harrah's and Northrup Grumman. 

I have now been made aware of a fund that is the actual antithesis of the Vice Fund , called the Noah Fund (symbol NOAHX) . As a matter of fundamental policy, it may not invest in securities of businesses engaged, directly or through subsidiaries, in the alcoholic beverage, tobacco, pornographic and gambling industries or in companies in the business of aborting life before birth. It has as its focus picking companies that are not in general conflict with the Christian philosophy. Top holdings for "Noah" include Wal-Mart, Lowes, Cisco, Dell and Microsoft. 

I find the idea of a competition between these two funds an interesting and worthwhile study! Does "good" triumph over "vice"? Does the cynical outlook on the human condition pay off as an investment? For many investors, the real answer lies in the bottom line! Here is the comparison for both funds since the inception of the Vice Fund in mid September 2002....

The Noah Fund has increased in value by about +7%

The Vice Fund has decreased in value by about -7%

On this Thanksgiving Day, I hope that this performance can give us all the hope that indeed... Good does triumph over Evil! 


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