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Our mission is to offer superior long-term investment strategies,  personal guidance and impeccable service so that our clients meet their financial objectives and feel confident about their financial future.


We use a disciplined approach to financial management: We buy and sell no load index mutual  funds in our managed accounts based upon a no-nonsense, systematic, strategic and mathematical approach,  that we believe is the essence of continued financial success!


We believe in limiting risk as much as possible and using defensive and proactive management to achieve this, while attempting to enhance return.

Additionally, we design individual asset allocations to further limit risk based upon  your goals, risk
tolerance, and age.

We do not sell commission products or make money from trading your account.




This is our simple concept:
We have only one goal in 
mind....maximizing your 
investment returns 

through the use of  

strategy, patience 
and discipline.





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